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12 jelly donuts, 12 strips of bacon, 12 packs of jelly beans and 12 cans of PBR. Called a Jay's dozen bc he uses them as an enticement to get indecently large women back to his bedroom. The trap starts by getting the targeted woman (180lbs min) drunk on the 12 cans of PBR. Jay then gives them the 12 jelly donuts, practically taking them into a coma. He then lays out the 12 jelly beans in a trail to his bedroom. At which point they find 12 strips of bacon in bed. Game over.
"Yo, you see that hog doing the walk of shame from Jay's room this morning?"

"Yea, dude. She was playing hard to get last night, but he pulled out the Jay's dozen. Game over."
by His Majesty the King November 22, 2011
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