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Famous Runescape player. Famous for having the most castle wars tickets in all of Runescape. He reportedly has 14000 tickets. He is seemingly undefeated in the game. You can find him in World 117, ALWAYS. This guy seems to never log out.

Jay tc has also helped the clan Castle War Legends by being a High Council member. Any and all Runescape castle wars players know Jay tc, and how he's helped contribute to this awesome game.

But, many wonder how he can sleep at night since he must be using cheats to win every game.

Many players join his clan chat during castle wars. He can be found in there, and he'll even talk to his fans and answer questions. He owns castle wars!
Player 1: Did you play castle wars today?
Player 2: Yeah! I followed on Jay tc's team! It was free tickets man!!
Player 1: That guy is so cool!
#runescape #castlewars #players #cool #cwl
by thisisnice October 27, 2009
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