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The sweetest guy on earth. He'll be kind and nice. He may be hardheaded and stubborn but he'll get everything eventually. He also is super funny and smart. He mght goof off and not show he's smart unless he has too.
Girl 1-Aye, I think I like Javon.
Girl 2-I'm not surprised!
by LoveBugBitMe February 18, 2011
Javon is the sexiest guy you might ever meet. He cares about his friends and would do anything for them. Javon is the type of guy that can make every girl smile. He trusts all of his friends, but also gets highly offensive when rejected by them. Not afraid to let go of friendshps. Javon loves to talk to everyone, and if he doesn't, you know somethings wrong!
Javon is so friendly. I wish he was my boy friend!
by iluvud October 25, 2013
Javon is a guy who's loving and caring. A guy who makes you feel warm and deserving. Having a Javon will make you not long for anyone else in the world. He's sexy, loyal, determined, affectionate, down-to-earth...and did I mention sexy? His love is so strong. It's hard for many girls to find a Javon, but if you have one, you are most definitely the luckiest girl in the world. He is "THE ONE". The one every girl wants.
"Having a Javon must be nice. I need a Javon in my life!" :(
by The Luckiest Girl ♥ January 03, 2016
Javon is a White girl with blonde hair and blue eyes that lives in Pennsylvania. Everyone thinks she is a Black male with a large penis. However, they are wrong. She is pretty damn awesome until she is consuming alcohol. Then she tries to go home with cowboys, which is a no-no. She is the friendliest most caring person ever, but don't cross her. She'll lay a smack down on your physical person or your heart, whichever she can get to first. She is loyal, stubborn, and will do absolutely anything for her loved ones.
Yeah, he/she is a Javon.
by VonVon46n2 June 02, 2016
Javon is a complete idiot. He is always cheating on girls that never liked him. Over all he is just bad.
Alex: Did you see how javon reacted to the teacher yelling at him today?
Jeremiah: Yeah, he is SO stupid
by the creepy man in class December 01, 2015
a boy who wants sex sex sex. asks for your number and sends you naked pics of his dick.
that boy is such a javon! he sent you a picture of his dick!
by andhearttsss. August 25, 2010
Disgusting whore. Fucks anything with a vagina. Whore of the earth. Will fuck your mother without remorse.
I fucked 20 girls!

What a Javon.
by Word2urmom January 02, 2008
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