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Javars are spirited young fellows. They are quite the opposite of their cartoon counterpart and antagonist in Aladdin. Although, they too grow up around the world. They are very down to earth and while they have sat down for fine feasts from Africa to Hawaii...they prefer the Philly Cheesesteak Bacon Cheeseburger at the BK Lounge. They are not afraid to express themselves creatively, such as getting a tattoo of Cartman on their outer ankle. Javars are very adventurous and occasionally rebellious, choosing to ride motorcycles in the rain. Some of them even aspire to become murses!
There goes a Javar...

Where there's a Javar, there's a way....

Whenever you are lost, just follow the Javar.

All is quiet...except for the Javar.
by ImTyred February 04, 2010
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