A term coined by Joel Spolsky to denote universities that teach only one ’easy‘ programming language, most commonly Java as a means to dumb down computer science education to make it more accessible for idiots.

A university that teaches Java is not necessarily a Java school. A Java school is characterized not by the presence of Java on the curriculum, but by the absence of ‘hard’ programming languages such as C or Lisp that help students gain deeper insight into programming.

Graduates of Java schools are at a loss when presented with a problem that is slightly different from one they saw before.
Joe: Man, Freds code totally sucks. He has SingletonFactoryFactories all over the place.
Jim: Yeah, he's from a Java school. I dunno what idiot hired him.
by Bluuberducker April 18, 2010
Top Definition
A computing department within a shit university that teaches one language usually very badly.
Ali: Yo, Ahmed is you doing programming this semester innit?

Ahmed: Yes bruv me is doing Java

Ali: Oh my days we is one of them Java Schools
by Johnywadd February 09, 2010
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