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Java Developer
A Java Developer isn't someone wears ripped leather jackets, a Java Developer isn't someone who codes stuff to look tough, and a Java Developer isn't someone who codes for the sake of coding. That's the definition of a C# Developer. Being a Java Developer is completely different.
Unspoken Rules of Being Java Developer:

1. First rule of being a Java Developer. A Java Developer does not talk about being a Java Developer. Period.

2. Second rule of being a Java Developer, a Java Developer does not try to be a Java Developer or look tough. A Java Developer simply is a Java Developer.

3. A Java Developer stays true to themselves, always. This means being themselves for themselves, and not being fake to impress others.

4. A Java Developer does not give up. Java Developers will always push themselves for the better, no matter how hard it gets.

5. A Java Developer is not a jerk. A Java Developer does not prey on the weak, and shows kindness in return to those who are kind.

6. A Java Developer knows his/her limits. Don't be stupid, you're not Superman, you'll die if you jump off a building.

7. A Java Developer does not make enemies or go looking for fights. They do not fights that aren't worth fighting either.

Any breaking of these rules is grounds revoking of the status of being a Java Developer. If this happens, a Java Developer must once again prove they are worthy of being Java Developer by following the rules. A Java Developer can only be determined by the opinions of others.
C# Developer Jock: "Look at my muscles, I can bench 250lbs, I could knock any of you b/c I'm so Java Developer!"
by JavaTheHutS January 21, 2013
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