A general term pseudonym for a man or woman who ridicules those who reserve their human rights because those who reserve their human rights cannot be commercially violated. One who chooses leaders for others, preferring the safety of a controlled, slave state.

Jargon Busters are unable to procure anything from others in honourable ways because those who can't or won't respect personal human rights are abusive people and do not know or trust that an honourable negotiation and agreement is possible.
human being: I want to know how to protect my children/property/body from being unlawfully violated by those who are hired to keep the peace but who are instead are working in the pay of treasonous defacto "authority figures"

Jargon Buster: you must be a freeman on the land, therefore you deserve to have your life taken from you.
by Medicine Woman May 04, 2011
Top Definition
An Accidental spot on a Homeless man's Cardboard Hut...

Homosexual pre ejaculation

Pornstar Vomit

Your baby left a Jargon Blaster on the kitchen Counter...

Don't touch the Jargon Blaster on the drunkards shirt.... It may be Obama's...

Anyone who does not understand Common Law enough to differentiate it with Legalese is a Jargon Buster
by Slammah May 04, 2011

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