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A hole which has been penetrated through the soft skin between your penis/VAGINA and your bum bum hole.

A Jardina generally comes from accidents which can be rather painful, but soon you realise its full potential- total and utter PLEASURE, for the women, it will be the most pleasurable night of their life, and for men (homosexuals/ homo's/queer's/gay's/turd bandits/people who go up the dirt track) ...it will be alot less 'Dirty'.
Jesus! did you hear what happened to Paddi and Jordan at the same time! it was a hrrible bike accident, they both got JARDINA'S!!

ZimZim went yesterday to finaly get his Jardina fixed, he didnt sleep last night, he was getting all the pleasure he could while he had it.
by Batman Luh April 04, 2008
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