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A Japanese car that is a classic car and is very fast for its engine size.
Japanese Muscle cars:
Nissan Skyline R34
Mazda RX7
Toyota Supra
Acura NSX
Older Lancer Evo's
by RollinOnS2K September 14, 2008
japans answer to american muscle, where as the american cars were mainly from the 60's/70's, japanese were from the late 80's to Todayish. Where as American muscle relied on mostly beefy V8's with TONS of torque, Japanese usually range from I4's to V6's fitted with twin turbos. In my personal belief, both are good, it just depends on your tastes.
1: Supra, 3000gt, Skyline/GT-R, Impreza WRX STI, Evo. Lancer, S2000, 350z, NSX, RX-7/8, Integra, ect.

2: Mike: *Rolls up in a R32 Skyline* Like my new car?
Joe: Fuck man, this is the muscle club, fuck ya doin' with that shit?
Mike: Dude, this is fucking Japanese Muscle
Joe: ... Oh shit, your right, nice ride bro!
Mike: Haha, I know
by Muscle King September 15, 2008

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