a bulshitter, dey'll lie,steal jus 2 get wat dey want, skanky ho, poor, tramp, scrub, prick, sleeps around, u no da type of person i mean
comes 4rm da jamaican slang i fink meaning a scavengour bird; lyk a vulture or raven or sumat lyk dat, not sure,
klashnekoff song called jankrowville- chec it out or b a jankrow
by rob, a real jankrow June 24, 2006
Top Definition
Jankrow is a british term, maybe with Jamaican origins referring to a cowardly or homosexual male. The grime artist Klashnekoff often refers to 'Jankow-men'; which has the same connotations as Jankrow and 'Jankrow street' which actually means an urban area.
Joe: Hey look blood, its that Martin pussyole on Balmer Street. That boy's gonna get shanked big time ennit.

Dave: For real. That boys a Jankrow ennit.

Joe: Skeen? For real? Martin's a chi chi man? Thats sick man, I've heard he got caught beating a man off in Saino's
by Kennelwoofloving June 18, 2007
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