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The word Mexicans used to describe the New York Yankees. For some odd reason, Mexicans can't pronounce Y's and often replace the letter with a J.
Hey Pablo, I love the Jankees.
by Jay Knockers April 06, 2008
97 8
A person from the North who moves to the South and tends to display Yankee behaviors.
Dave is such a Jankie
by Dave March 08, 2005
49 15
when something/someone is utterly stupid, crusty, or just plain gay in general. when something smells like crap.
yo man, this video game is soooo jankee; dude, this food is jankee; holy crap, you smell like jankee
by BedChode1234 November 27, 2010
7 8
A gay mans testicles.
Hey Boz, please quit playing with Dave's jankees!
by zachman December 03, 2005
17 33
wack: gay: messeded up
That movie was jankee.

He was actin jankee.

by Danielle-08 March 24, 2007
10 30