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A gay mans testicles.
Hey Boz, please quit playing with Dave's jankees!
by zachman December 03, 2005
17 33
The word Mexicans used to describe the New York Yankees. For some odd reason, Mexicans can't pronounce Y's and often replace the letter with a J.
Hey Pablo, I love the Jankees.
by Jay Knockers April 06, 2008
97 8
A person from the North who moves to the South and tends to display Yankee behaviors.
Dave is such a Jankie
by Dave March 08, 2005
49 15
when something/someone is utterly stupid, crusty, or just plain gay in general. when something smells like crap.
yo man, this video game is soooo jankee; dude, this food is jankee; holy crap, you smell like jankee
by BedChode1234 November 27, 2010
7 8
wack: gay: messeded up
That movie was jankee.

He was actin jankee.

by Danielle-08 March 24, 2007
10 30