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An unidentified female body

John Do would be an unidentified male body
A word usually used in murderer cases
Investigators found a corpse out in the forest, but since it did not match any missing person report, the body was classified as Jane Do #60
by Mr.Shade July 28, 2009
Jane-doe's (pronounced "JAYNE-doughs") are the random panties or other bits of women's underwear you find scattered around your apartment. A true pair of Jane-doe's will have no identifiable owner whatsoever, and as a result of this may stay on the floor of your flat for weeks on end, collecting dust as you desperately ponder what is either simply a deteriorating mental state, or a complete and total breakdown of sexual standards. See also: John-doe's.
Dude, I've got no idea where that bustier came from. It's a total Jane-doe.

I get so much ass my flat is littered with Jane-doe's!

Yo man, what's with the Jane-doe's? Are those your mom's or your sister's?
by LookNotSour August 02, 2011
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