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The female counterpart of Joe Sixpack: Your typical, everyday, super average, generic American woman. She loves to zone out on the television, is an expert on the subject of celebrity gossip, and can hardly wait to try the latest gimmicky diet plan.

Jane Winebox is the perfect consumer tool with an axe wound.

Jane Winebox is a useless moron.


Mommy, why did the people of the 21st century let the planet turn to shit?

Well dear, according to the massive amount of plastic, fluoride and mercury that our modern scientists have discovered in the remains of their stupid, cancerous carcasses, it appears that the intelligent men and women of that time were vastly outnumbered by joe sixpack and jane winebox, which in turn led to the inevitable downfall of their twisted society. Now please be a dear and pass me my laser-guided dildo using your telepathic powers which are from the future - oops - I mean present!

*burrrp*...no problem, mom!
by hecktor dangus February 21, 2009

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