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Usually tall with dark hair and eyes, very handsome. JanMichael has a great personalilty when he in the mood but if he's not he can be a real ass. Usually uses the old school way to tell a girl he likes her, just like a school boy. He will pick on you, call you fat, and hurt your feeling before he tells you he loves you.

Great in bed, actually amazing!! JanMichael love to toss salad, not because he enjoys it but because he is willing to do anything to make a girl feel good. Freak in the bed, a kind of stubtle naughty in public places. He can say things with his eyes.

He make a great husband and a great dad. Even though he lack a bit of confidence in himself.

Basically he the F*cking man!!!

And had a large penis :)
Girl: I want me some JanMichael.

Girl 1: Did you see that guy by the bar?
Girl 2: Yea, who is he?
Girl 1: Thats JanMichael hes totally hot and I heard hes huge!
by Youreyestellthetruth February 22, 2012

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