A very black male who looks like he was left out in the sun for too long
"Did the room just get darker?"
"Yeah, Jamir is here!"
by hmmmm ;) May 11, 2010
Top Definition
A male that doesn't worry about the stupid things of life. Great in bed and likes to eat, but isn't that fat. He is always surrounded by the coolest of people but is not a people pleaser.
Hey you know a kid named Jamir

Yeah, i saw him doing the bernie at the wedding.
by KingSwagger November 29, 2011
A sexy ass guy that has a big dick but is taken by trap queen yvenlee a guy that always eats but never gets fat and a person that is great in bed
Yvenlee-I love u Jamir ur such a Jamir
by sexy,big dick,a lover,loyal April 12, 2016
A very beautiful female who's smart and has great expectations. Jamir is talented, and a great friend. She looks out for others more then herself, without this female around life is basically nothing.
Jamir is a cool person
by Kimberly22 December 12, 2013
Preforms Captain Crunch
He has nice oral sex. He does a Jamir
by Kamal009 May 03, 2008
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