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To be drunk beyond belief but still being able to do (some) normal functions
Woah he's so Jamie'd, or man you were so Jamie'd last night it was so funny
by 2k420 June 24, 2011
To kill, murder and mutilate a joke in a creepy stalker kind of way.
Jake is telling the group a joke he heard at the weekend when our fearless hero decides to but in with his own take on the joke. what follows is truly disturbing and will cause people to vomit on their own shoes. the group (and their vomit covered shoes) just got jamied.
by Goldenboy8678 April 29, 2013
A person who makes plans with friends or family then does not follow through with those plans. They do not answer their phone when called and in some cases may have others lie for them to cover their tracks.
I got jamied, so I stayed home.
I waited a hour but she never showed up. I was jamied.
by Ruth West March 27, 2007
To get fucked (screwed over) without getting fucked (in a sexual way) or without repayment for favors
I had to sacrifice sleep, time, and money to help out Jamie and her children, and only received heartbreak and anger in return. I really got Jamied in that deal.
by r1989 July 05, 2016
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