Or, "Jamie Lee Curtis" is defined as the act of taking a poop. This is based on her success as the Activia spokesperson encouraging people to film themselves shitting after eating the yogurt.
Did you smell that? You need to take a Jamie Lee!
by Insane Retard July 27, 2010
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A small hairy animal which resides in the central belt of scotland. It is the only species known to man which is entirly lesbian. How they reproduce remains a mystery to scientists, some believe they rape more vunerable animals like a drunk beaver, or a impressionable squirl. The "jamielee" is an extreamly agressive and sexualy driven animal and is responsible for 47% of all sexual attacks in scotland alone.
"Did you hear that? i hope its not a jamielee!"
by Prof. Alex McMuff February 10, 2008
Not for the faint of heart. Her smile will make poets out of blind men.
Jamie Lee is a brave yet sensitive one. Has a big fight in her, but is sweet and adorable in all sorts of ways. I'm sure she's the kind of girl that will be feisty and mean to you one day, then send you a box full of your favorite gifts the next day. But that's okay; people that know her love her for that.
She also seems to be a solitary type of Jamie. Likes her alone time; in fact, she probably desires her alone time, so much so that she goes to coffee shops by herself to reflect on what she’s just been through. Life can be tough, but I think she’s willing to experience it with open arms, because she has a big enough heart for it. And then perhaps, she will write poems, take some photos, and maybe play her guitar, to process what she’s been through.
Maybe she’s even a little melancholic. Has a secret affinity for bands like My Chemical Romance, but probably doesn’t tell many of her friends about it, for fear of being called Emo! But who cares, right? We all get a little emo sometimes! Maybe on Thursdays. And sometimes on Saturdays.
And in reflection of all of this, you might come to some realization about yourself… that you would be willing to let her break your heart before you ever break hers. And that despite everything, that you just might be willing to take a journey on this beautiful nightmare of a ride, blindfolded, because it might just be worth it.
Jamie Jamie Lee
by your bestest fan November 11, 2011
A girl too good to have just one name. She is powerful and sensitive, caring and fun, random yet routine. Two names equal two personalities. You won't be able to keep up with this crazy chick.
Random: "Oh my god! Who is that...?"

Random2: "That's... Jamie-Lee!"
by Chattychitchit August 27, 2008
Jamie lee, a very happy person. Cares for her friends and family more then she dose herself. She loved to have a good time, and make everyone laugh. Their is never a dull moment with Jamie lee.
shes acts like a jamie lee
by thatgirl6969 November 21, 2010
Jamie-Lee is just too good for one name so she has to have two first names with a hyphen in it. Jamie-Lee is bisexual and enjoys bumsex but can also show gay sexual tendencies to other females around her. Jamie-Lee's are bogans and spend their time at the beach, cooking sangas on the barbie, and/or at the gym with their bogan dad who they are named after. Jamie-Lee is an angry person and cannot control herself at times and releases her built up anger by throwing objects at people. When Jamie-Lee is stressed out she gets out a bottle of VB to cool her self down.
"Hey whos that on the rowing machine"

"It must be Jamie-Lee"
by thespyceboys December 27, 2012
A jamielee (a.k.a the franchise player) is on my team and I have decided to build my dynasty around. In the NFL, a jamielee (a.k.a. the franchise player) means a team has to pay that player a premium salary and in return that player cannot be traded to another team...
jamielee's make the world a better place and if your not careful a jamielee can make you fall in love with their skills....
jamielee's are know for their amazing butter churning abilities....but are known to struggle with their navigation skills.
You need a good Jamielee to build your team around!
by "Just throw it in the bag" March 24, 2010

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