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Jamie Laou is an Australian Youtuber. He makes video's and some people have claimed he's just a Justin Bieber Wannabe. Born on 25th November 1993. Aged 17. Singer/Youtuber/Comedian He's great <3
'Guess who i just watched on Youtube?'

'I don't know.'

'Jamie Laou <3'
by JustAnotherLaouver September 06, 2011
A Peng boy who is also known as @iJever & who look just like Justin Bieber but they dont quite get along at the moment. Jamie & Justin have had arguments through Twitter about Jamie trying to stealing Justins fans when infact they both have seperate fans because they both do different things, My opinion is that i love both Bieber & Laou, and their arguments are between them:)
Jamie Laou is the sort of boy you either love or hate:L
by Lucy Bieber June 13, 2011