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AKA The Amazing Randi, one of the most renowned magicians and escapologists of the 20th Century. He's broken Harry Houdini's record of 1 hour and 31 minutes being sealed into casket. Randi was able to perform the feat in 1 hour and 44 minutes. Also, he was able to break another world record by being enclosed in a block of ice for 55 minutes.

Former host of the Amazing Randi Show

Once performed with Alice Cooper, during the early 70s (73-74).

Made frequent appearances on Wonderama and the Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, one of his most memorable moments came when he (and Carson) exposed the famous (self-proclaimed) psychic, Uri Gellar as a fraud on live television, after a spoon-bending test. Though, he claimed Gellar was fraud years before the appearance.

He currently has a $1 million dollar challenge to anyone who can demonstrate or perform a supernatural ability under scientific testing or scrutiny.
James Randi appeared on The Happy Days in 1978 in the episode, The Magic Show.
by moribonzojori May 14, 2009
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President of the JREF( this guy makes a living debunking hoaxes and supernatural occurences. A noble cause ultimately flawed because of his hard-headedness and conspiratorial attitude.
This guy claims he can levitate pens, here comes randi...
by Cyrus K April 04, 2004

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