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When a man (generally a W.A.S.P.) has a sexual preference to one or more different race over that of his own.

In the James Bond films, James sleeps with women of all ethnicities. He doesn't often court British women, as shown by the way he treats Money Penny.
"Hey man, why don't you go out with Patty?"

"I'm not really attracted to Irish girls, I've got James Bond Syndrome."
by Another Todd C. from NJ July 22, 2008
Originating from the video games, a disorder in which someone can carry and infinite amount of weapons and ammunition up their ass.

Also know as GTA Syndrome.
Jeff: Where the hell did that RPG come from?
Tom: Be a little more sensitive; he has James Bond Syndrome.
by Adam Iannazzone May 10, 2008
In series involving more than one actor playing a specific character (EX: James Bond, Doctor Who), the first actor you see playing that character will be believed to be the best at it.
Guy 1: Dude Matt Smith is the best Doctor!
Guy 2: Nah I think David Tennant was way better.
Guy 1: Well which one did you see first?
Guy 2: David Tennant.
Guy 1: You've just got James Bond Syndrome.
by Couch Radish March 14, 2012
Where people start talking with a fake british accent after watching 007
Person 1: "Cor blimey. This is a nice bloody surprise. What's this about, then?"

Person 2: "Dude, what's wrong with him?"
Person 3: "He just got a James Bond syndrome."
by Total Anon February 18, 2011
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