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Someone who is completely thick and/or slow. They find it hard to understand normal people's conversations and jokes. Basically, they are retards. Often used in secondary schools across the UK.
I think my brother has James Syndrome
by Jinab July 30, 2006
The mindstate of being in a stupor mode. Or in simplier form, a mindstate of slowness where the brain literally slows down for x amount of time. This mind state is extremely dangerous and people suffering from this kind of syndrome....well it's too late for them now.
When you "IM" a person, and said person doesn't reply or respond to you it means he/she has the James Syndrome. If that's the case you should inform them and tell them to seek professinal help.
by blah May 17, 2004
when ur croych is on fire and u look like ronald mcdonald
my brother has james syndrome
by fuck james February 09, 2005
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