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a)The faggot above all faggots: one who is born with a mental disablilty (but not really just complete and utter lazyness) and is destined to be entirely stupid throughout their lifetime regardless at attempts to education.

b)Also known as "Queefer," see queef
or Trash, but only when complaining about how much football is terrible.

c)One who wears "upstate swag" i.e. pockets hanging out of pajama pants and large dixie/diner t-shirts.

d) a disability describing one who is stubborn beyond all belief, cannot do anything for themselves (i.e. laundry or grilled cheese sammiches), and is picked upon by all friends for such retardation
He's definitely a James Drafts, he has his like, own dimension of faggotry.
by lawlsters March 06, 2011
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