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another term used in the south for heroin. usually for hispanics that dont speak english, black dealers know what it means and cops didnt for a while.
"you need some of that jale, homeboy?"
by TyffNi Leneá December 10, 2006
Spanish verb word that means to pull.

It's also commonly used as a noun to describe a work place where many people are working which sometimes involves pulling.
Used as a verb in spanish:
Yo jale eso lla, no lo jales tu.

Used as a noun in spanish:
Me voy al jale, nos vemos guey.

Used as a noun in english:
I'm going to the jale, see ya.
by EdMz October 21, 2009
literally means push, pull or "to work" has since turned into a word similar to "chingadera" used as a substitute for "stuff".
vato 1: hey lets go catch a flick
vato 2: not even, i have too much jale to do!

vato1: hey holmes, you sick? you sound like shit
vato2: yeah i have all this jale stuck in my throat.
by Mike_In_SATOWN January 11, 2005
it is another term for crystal meth
hey is that micheal smokin jale?
yeah you could always catch him with with a foil in hand.
he's a hardcore tweeker.
by datnigajoey May 28, 2009