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A beautiful girl with a spicy attitude. Extremely smart, nice, and perfect in every way possible. This girl is beautiful beyond any comparison. be careful not to make her angry or else ;) Jakelyne is the most loyal girl in the entire world. if you have a Jakelyne, dont ever let her go
Jakelyne, Jakie
by BPatriotfan January 12, 2012
A word commonly used in south west England gangsta slang to describe a person you believe to be a legit G. Jake Lyne was an 80's legend in the region so it is received as a compliment.
Henry: Wow look at that black man do you think hes a 'jake lyne'
Peter: Blacks are always legit.
Henry: True would you say the late great Jake Lyne was black or white?
Peter: he was more muslim.
by Snood Doggs Illegitimate Son March 09, 2009
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