When a large inmate from state prison tears his victim a new hole with his enormous penis, but the victim manages to get the hole stitched up with surgery. Credit for this definition go to NovaWar from LAGTV
Big Bubba hulked over his roomate and told him "Imma give you a jailhouse C-section, com'here boi!
by Mr. Jurrrezzi November 03, 2012
when your ass gets torn from anal rape.
Bubba : I'm about to give you a jailhouse C-Section
by LAGviewers November 03, 2012
the stitches given to an inmates but hole after being screwed by another inmate.
Jim was in so much pain when he came out of jail. He had to get a Jailhouse C-section
by Ironman_1 November 03, 2012

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