Top Definition
1. hot body
2. bit of a bitch
3. best personality
i did a jaide last night
oh she looks like a jaide
by jbtbg July 04, 2009
An amazing girl, tall, skinny and super adorable. She needs attention and will get very upset if she doesn't get it. She likes to kiss and loves to cuddle. Very Pretty even though she thinks shes gross. Loves foreplay and biting. Shes the most amazing girlfriend anyone could have. Treat her right and you will get an amazing amount of love.
Jaide is crazy good at turning me on!
by Puppydawg<3 August 07, 2011
I highly funny person who is compleatly fuckable!! Has an amazing, has lots and lots of mate, Great at sex and also named as the Sex Goddesss Of ESSEX, she drives a hard bargain :P Loves an adventure with mates emily and chelsea :P Much loveage
I had jaide last night, she was a sex godess But im so sore now
by Poseiden :P May 25, 2011
A soul sucking beast. She has no compassion for anyone else on earth except herself. A pathetic excuse for a human being. Usually a jaide will sleep with countless men not using protection. Almost seems hot but then she talks and you realize what an ugly whore she really is.
Eww did you see that nasty bitch over there making out with every guy? Oh that must have been a jaide.
by bitcheznhoz November 30, 2010
An extremely lovable girl. She's funny, smart and just an all around great person. Jaide will always put you first no matter what you do and she has always got your back. She is also really pretty. If you ever meet a Jaide do not ever let her go, otherwise you will regret it for the rest of your life.
"Make sure you never let Jaide go"
by CollegeBaller July 26, 2016
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