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the Jagger Swagger is the confident, cocky, attitude - stoked air and persona that Mick Jagger emits when he struts his butt on the walkway and flicks his hands in the air. Then he shakes his toosh out for the pleasure of the audience. He does this several times during a Rolling Stones concert. He oozes of the feel of rebellious air and sneering 'tude. Of course he adds to it by snarling most of his vocals. All these qualities have led some critics to label it all being conceited, but these traits have made Mick a major influence and inspiration to countless rock-n-rollers.
Michael Hutchence ("Hutch") of INXS certainly has the Jagger Swagger. He's often compared to Jim Morrison of the Doors but his voice has some Jaggeresque inflections and he shows some Mick Jagger influence in his aura and performing style as well. I never got to see INXS live in concert (unfortunately) but I have seen them on TV and Michael clearly had been studying some of Mick's stage antics, style and attitude. Of course, even though INXS is often classified as a "New Wave" band, there's a strong Stonesy element in their rock-n-roll. I have seen the Stones live in concert and the powerful imprints that they have made on many, many bands (including INXS) was very apparent that night in sound and live image (the Jagger Swagger and many other influences). Michael, we miss you and we need you more now than ever. RIP dude.
by Starpunk April 30, 2008
"Moves & Swagger Like Jagger"
How one presents him or herself to the world. Swagger is shown from how the person handles a situation. It can also be shown in the person's walk.

However if you have : "JaggerSwagger" you pretty much own everything there is to own.

he may have "Swag" but i have "JaggerSwagger" #Winning
by GetYourPopcornReady! February 20, 2012