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Jägermeister & Red Bull
Drink on special when you want to blackout
by meshell March 11, 2005
A drink which consists of Red Bull mixed with Jagermeister.
Let's jaggerbomb that shit.

Lets do a jaggerbomb.

Can I have a jaggerbomb?
by Shady__ October 18, 2008
Is a drink made of Jägermeister, Monster or redbull and Vodka is specially the best drink to start the party, and they are countable
I only drink 5 Jagger Bombs to get drunk
by jassso September 24, 2009
to be an ignorant or aarogant black person. to act like a rude nigga. to be nasty
"Yo,get out my way fucking jaggerbombs"
"Eyy, Beuck look at that nasty ass jaggerbomb on the porch"
by katiee maggliano June 12, 2008
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