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A jager grenade is a shot of Jagermeister and a shot of port in two tall shot glasses

The shots are balanced in the top of a pint glass and the pint is filled with one bottle of VK Blue or other alchopop

The shot of port is then "pulled" like the pin of a grenade allowing the jagermeister shot to fall into the alchopop which is then downed in one
Jagerbomb? nah let's do a jager grenade
by Axigar April 06, 2010
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A Jager Grenade is a variation on a Jager Bomb. It consist's of a glass of Red Bull or Monster (Like a Jager Bomb) and two tall shot glasses. One of Jager and the other being either Sambuca or Tequila. The two shots are rested next to each other over the Red Bull. You can then do one of two things. Either "pull the pin" by doing the Sambuca or Tequila shot and then downing the remaining Jager Bomb. Or you can pour both shots in to the Red Bull then down the Red Bull with both shots in it. The 2nd being preferred when you are in a busy bar and drinks get knocked over.
You: Can we get two Jager Grenades?
Bar: Sure, Sambuca or Tequila?
You: Sambuca
by Kyle93 May 16, 2012
similar to a jager bomb, it is made up of a shot of jagermeister inside of a glass of Heineken (the green grenade)....aka get messseeddd uppp
dude i just had the most awsome jagerbomb, it was actually a jager grenade !!
by Richard Deg July 31, 2009

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