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1) When the person you don't like, but always wants to hang out with you shows up.

2) When person from definition 1 manages to ruin things for you without even showing up, simply by existing.
1) Oh man, we were going to have a great time out at the lake, but we were jagd by Derek.

2) Yeah Cindy and I were going to go on a date, but later in the night Derek told her I was friends with him. Now she doesn't want to anymore. His social awkwardness completely jagd me.
by JAHaynes February 27, 2008
(from Final Fantasy)
A wasteland populated by bandits and murderers. A place without law and/or order. An area in a computergame wherein PK-ing is allowed.
Watch out for PKers... It's Jagd out there.
by Dave Burtch June 23, 2007

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