This is where one back combs there ginger hair so it apers to look like a afro there for give its self a shortend name to jafro
Heyy Dr Pussy Want To Come Round Mine and we can give ourselfs a jafro?
by Jaffroo May 09, 2009
Top Definition
japanese afro
That guy has a huge jafro
by sally December 14, 2003
A Jewish person who has an afro.
Stands for Jewish Afro.

Also known as a Jew Fro.
Wow look at his jafro

He should really cut off his jafro
by Tom E September 06, 2006
A jewish afro ie. a tiny afro like a sheep
wow that kid has a jafro
jafro alert!
by Jakethecake January 21, 2010
Ginger afro. Amalgam of the first phonetic sound of Ginger, prefixed to Afro.
F&%£ me, look at that jafro!
by OliMonster December 19, 2009
someone who thinks he is uber l33t while he masturbates over the temperature of his cpu core, they know this cos i pwn them in everything safe as fck spa knows it
like when i pwn in cs .. and u dont aye hehe
by ownij January 01, 2005
to be white and have curly hair that automatically defaults to a puffy afro-like shape if not brushed. Combination of jew and afro.
"No matter what I do, my hair always ends up in a jafro by the end of the day."
by Fuckle Mc. Duckle April 13, 2015
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