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The most fantastic and beautiful sunkissed goddess to grace our planet with her presence. She has the kindness of Mother Theresa, the innocence and sense of 'fun-ness' of a 6 year old, the sexual prowess of a whore, the sure footedness of a mountain goat, the videogame skills of LEEROY JENKINS!!! and the courage to say Chuck Norris can SUCK IT. She also pwns trivia nights.

She is awesome.
buy her stuff... all of the stuff... forever.
Jae looked ethereal sitting in her garden, a barefoot wildgirl with two feathers in her hair... in a single glance she stole the damned tatters of my soul.
by Megan Vortex Crookstan February 07, 2012
25 17
A friendly male, generally quite hyperactive and silly when even depressed. A man most people can come to for cheering up and even comedy. Never lets his problems show through and just keeps going no matter what happens. Can also refer to, as a god of comedy and charm.
by MeisterGinryu August 19, 2009
234 86
a beautiful girl , always speaks her mind , is always funny cracking jokes, doesn't care what people say about her, she can be a bitch and doesn't care. she stands up for her and only her. she cares about her friends and family more than anything; she is always there for them, she has a strong personality and is very strong minded and is a gorgeous beautiful girl.
by gjnengenjfj January 12, 2012
104 29
1. generally characterized for their charm and sense of humor . Also known as the sex god of the west due to his more than average sized penis . satisfaction is guaranteed with a jae
1.That jae is something else .2. Jaeynn will leave you coming back for more. 3. jay is a based god
by wiki ped. November 02, 2011
44 25
A wonton man whore.

Adult male who is physically promiscuous.
Wow I just realized I've slept with half the girls in this room." "Dude you're such a Jae!
by INyoVert667 July 15, 2011
56 45
The opposite of noes.
DB: YUO LIEK TEH CACK!1!111oeone
crush: jaes!
by HighPingedLPB January 17, 2005
13 7
1. A douchebag that does nothing but make girls feel like shit.
2. Useless and not worth while.
3. Usually takes it up the butt.
4. Metrosexual.
5. Usually found in high schools

J: jerk
A: asshole
E: eats his own dick
"See that kid?"
"The one with the metro hair?"
"That's a J.A.E, STAY AWAY."
"Oh damn."
by Lola Loves BFB <3 April 10, 2009
5 6