A sexy girl with nice big boobs. she is very open and loves to have fun.
Jada has a nice rack
by kskshewjjwiq August 05, 2014
Jada is overall a great girl, if she messes with you she wants your full attention.

She doesn't take shit from anybody & will drop you if you fuck up with her in any way.

She can be a bitch when she wants to & is a bit spoiled.
She's a great friend & will try and be there for you & help you in any way.
Don't ever lie to Jada.
by Blacky June 06, 2015
Can be very stingy at times. Pretty and can be nice when she wants to. Falls for her ex's alot. Has curly brown hair . And the biggest ass in the world. Gets angry at people alot. Doesnt like when people dont listen to her. Is ver crazy and loud. Makes fun of people alot. Has issues.
Jada is so mean !
by NoneOfYourFuckinBusiness April 26, 2011
The most amazing and perfect person you could ever meet. Jada is also the sexiest person you will ever see in your life. She is very outgoing but shy at times. Is very smart, but likes to play dumb. Is searching for that perfect someone who will treat her right! She is a tall, skinny, sexy blue eyed, blond haired princess. And deserves to b treated like one! Always treat her right because she is a girl you will never want to loose because she is so perfect!!
Outgoing- most relatable person you could meet.
Jada- beautiful and perfect!
by Wildthang January 01, 2014
Jada is the most outgoing, loving, funniest person you will ever meet. Her pretty blue eyes and blonde hair accent her face. She waits for the right man, if you ever meet a Jada, keep her. They don't come around often. She is also short and can be shy at first. Once you get to know her she is very fun to be around. Most of all she is so beautiful, probably the prettiest girl you'll ever meet!
"OMG Jada is here!!! The party has started!"
by Keychain Girl June 25, 2015
a creature in which has a very high body count(aka. thot )
Damn man that girl fucks everybody, shes such a jada,smh
by ricky john james July 09, 2016
A all around ''goody 2 shoes''. She is waiting until marriage to have sex. Has good morals but also knows how to have a good time. Most likely to work in the health profession because she loves giving back. A lot of people look up to you and have high expectations for you. You never giving up, you are always looking at the positive in things.
A Jada is never invited to any of the party's because she's all the time trying to be the mom.
by *jlusmile* August 11, 2009
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