A sexy girl with nice big boobs. she is very open and loves to have fun.
Jada has a nice rack
by kskshewjjwiq August 05, 2014
A all around ''goody 2 shoes''. She is waiting until marriage to have sex. Has good morals but also knows how to have a good time. Most likely to work in the health profession because she loves giving back. A lot of people look up to you and have high expectations for you. You never giving up, you are always looking at the positive in things.
A Jada is never invited to any of the party's because she's all the time trying to be the mom.
by *jlusmile* August 11, 2009
The most amazing and perfect person you could ever meet. Jada is also the sexiest person you will ever see in your life. She is very outgoing but shy at times. Is very smart, but likes to play dumb. Is searching for that perfect someone who will treat her right! She is a tall, skinny, sexy blue eyed, blond haired princess. And deserves to b treated like one! Always treat her right because she is a girl you will never want to loose because she is so perfect!!
Outgoing- most relatable person you could meet.
Jada- beautiful and perfect!
by Wildthang January 01, 2014
Jada makes a lot of drama. She'll get you in a lot of trouble. She is a tall black female that's very skinny. She acts like a slut and doesnt realize it yet. She acts like she's perfect but she's really ugly in realality.
Jada just got Megan in trouble with the principal !! Drama - maker
by crazy.crazed.gal January 01, 2015
Short dude or dudette as in Jada Pinkett Smith
-I am 4'8".So am (jada)

»Dude that chic is (jada).
by PotterHoover April 13, 2011
The act of becoming friends with guy who gave you a black eye in a matter of minutes after, A male obsessed with Marijuana and that is all he lives for
Wow, Ryan is pulling a Jada. I can't believe he's actually friends with Eric after that. What a wuss!
by Chillgirl91 April 26, 2011
short for Jadarite a mineral commonly found in the Jadar Basin. Also street slang for Meth, Dope, Crystal Methamphetamine.
Mike says:

"sorry for my actons while on jada for those of you it applies to."

"im just glad the guardians at least blocked jadas affects
b4 i pushed all my friends away"

"i had my jada 4 months a few years ago and it was a nightmare .. when i finially ditched the ring i felt so

"feeling it again even though its the zero synthetic version
and not as strong was bad and now i see how i act on it ....
and im glad i made tht choice"

"but i was hurting at the time and the jada took that pain from me .. gave me stgrenth
and made me feel happy and confident"
by Mr.Awesome¹ April 25, 2011

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