Jackie O, short for Jackie O'nASSis short for jack ass
Someone cuts you off on the road, you yell "watch it Jackie O"
by Greg Wi September 20, 2005
Top Definition
The best girl you will ever meet in your life. You'd be lucky to be with her.
"What is her name?" "She's Jackie O." "I should have guess because she's perfect."
by 007l0v3myg1rl! November 17, 2011
Breakfast cereal containing one or more person's semen.
My roommate is such a douche so today for breakfast I gave him a bowl of Jackie-O's.
by IssaTheFiend February 14, 2010
The seat behind the driver. When you miss out on calling "shotgun" and Kennedy, you can call Jackie O. This way you don't have to sit bitch.
She didn't want to sit bitch, because we would make her go skiing, so she called Jackie O. Now Kennedy can't get a handjob.
by DieselAJ November 22, 2004
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