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A mix between a dicksmack and a jack-off.
What does her dad do for a living?

Nothing he is a jacksmack.
by Bad penguin March 05, 2011
An open handed, back-hand slap to the temple. Not intended to knock someone out, but instead, to make someone appreciate your point of view in a forceful manner so they eventually agree with you. This is considered a more intimidating and more painful form of "Point Making" as opposed to the more traditional and less painful open hand cheek slap.
Jeff: Hey Greg, Jimmy owes me some money and I asked him to pay me and he laughed.

Greg: He laughed?

Jeff: Yes, he laughed!

Greg: You need to Jack-Smack him and let him know you are serious without knocking him out.
by Norge August 11, 2010
To talk smack to someone in a jackass-y way
don't be talking jacksmack to me, asshole!
by PyroPenguin December 01, 2003
Not having or doing anything
"Do you have money? I don't have jack smack"
"What did you do last weekend? I didn't do jack smack!"
by SuperThought October 01, 2003