What a guy does when he can't get a gf to pleasure him.
- -I jack off looking at porn to make me cum..
by amii;; April 12, 2006
A fan of "Jack Johnson"

Often seen wearing birks or sandals while chillin' in the quad with his backward-baseball-cap-wearing "BROS"
that jack off sure is chill
by genldick January 07, 2008
to do nothing productive -- to waste time -- shoot the shit poop around dick around
I didn't complete the assignment. I was just jacking off the whole time he gave us to complete it
by Anonymous October 29, 2002
a way to increase your risk of prostate cancer, yet addicting
i had a bad day, so i went home to jackoff
by chriso6 January 29, 2009
when a male cannot find a girl to have sex with so he is forced to pleasure himself.
noah is to ugly so he jacks off a WHOLE lot
by Olivia July 18, 2004
A spin off of the Jackass Mtv show.
(aka a jackass spinoff is a jack off)
The Bam show is a Jack off.
by kinogottx July 09, 2004
to use your hand or an instrument to stimulate the male genitalia, ultimately resulting in an orgasm.
It helps to think about kinky sex trysts with five-year-old boys when jacking off. You will cum quicker.
by GuidoPosse69 February 05, 2005
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