Highly Attractive and Sexually Intriguin Individual. An "Ultimate Sex God"
Oh my Fucking God. I would tap a Jack.
by JackSharples April 19, 2009
Jack exemplifies perfection.

He's around 6' tall with dark hair, an amazing rock hard body, and devastatingly handsome features. He has cool calm and confidence that both intimidates and exhilarates all women.

He is a leader who rules with a benevolent yet firm fist. He commands authority, but those that follow him, follow willingly because they recognize that he is no ordinary man... he's practically a god that will surely lead them to success and happiness.

He has a subtle and sarcastic sense of humor that not everyone will get (dumb people). But if you share his humor, you'll find that Jack will have you constantly giggling.

He's an amazing lover. His affection can be difficult to win over, but once you do, he will be devoted to you completely, and make you feel a happiness unmatched by anything else. As a bonus you'll find that Jack is incredible in the bed. While kind and gental in person, you'll find that he's quite the opposite in the bed room. Be prepared, Jack likes to get a bit rough with girls, displaying his dominance in the bedroom... it also helps that Jack is well endowed.

Jack only has one flaw: Once you meet him, the world will feel a bit dimmer when he's not around. Fear not though, this sadness will only last until the next time you see him.
Girl 1: "omg Jack made me cum so hard last night... I didn't know that kind of pleasure was possible..."

Girl 2: "so jealous.. I need to find me a Jack."
by user2750 January 28, 2013
A quantity of marijuana worth £5 i.e halh a tens, a quarter of an eighth.
I've only got enough to pick up a jacks.
by high as a kite April 20, 2004
Jack is the sexiest guy you'll ever know. :) When he smiles, I smile. His gorgeous eyes give me chill bumps. His athletic abilities make me stare in awe. The way he adores me lets me know I'm not going to lose him anytime soon! ♥
I love Jack!!!
by Jack ♥ September 10, 2011
well he's super hot and always truthful!!! has super sexy hair and the body of a swimmer . he also will have the biggest sense of humer!!! i love him and were dating just he dosen't know it yet!!! he's the best thing that ever happened to me!!! both of us know we will be 2gether 4 ever!!!!!!!!! we both love each other but it's just hidden!! i love my jack<3!!!!!
ME: hey Jack , do u want 2 hang out 2night???

Jack: sure!!
by iluvme!! April 12, 2011
Suffix meaning "to steal", generally applied to a vehicle or situation. Originates from the word hijack but bastardised for comic effect.
Dude 1: I was gonna go for a crap but someone's running a bath.

Dude 2: You should have jacked it.

Dude 1: Bathjacking?
by MrCardboard November 06, 2011
Normally someone that loves all the chicks and the chicks love him he has a whopping 12' penis and his nickname is pussy destroyer
Girl 1 have you seen his pants it's sticking out

Girl 2 yea it's definately a jack
by I wanna fuck lois steel October 21, 2014
another meaning for cool

can be used describe how people look. This is a complement.
dude 1: "hey man look at that girl"
dude 2: "i know she's jack"

girl 1: "look at those dudes shoes"
girl 2: "omg thats jack"
by .h.e.l.l.o.w.o.r.l.d. March 07, 2011
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