Usually a Black man with glasses that have no glass. trouble maker when approched by white people a ja'vaes classic saying would be "WHITE PEOPLE"
there is a ja'vae right there
by THE DISCRIMINATOR April 27, 2011
Top Definition
A beautiful girl that shy and a beautiful chocolate skin color and so nice and sweet to everybody and falls in love hard <3 and that a freak when needed
Javae' is a beautiful girl that shy but crazy once you get to know her and fun and a big baby, she is loving and caring a great person
by Cocoa 143 January 02, 2014
Black guy with glasses that don't have lens. he is usually getting in trouble for bothering Tirizzle. Isn't very fond of white people
Ja'Vae is amazing
by Blackguy1213 April 27, 2011
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