A Japanese based electronics company.
1. JVC make great TVs.
by The_Seeker July 18, 2003
Commonly known in car stereos shops as Junk with Various Controls . Due to the poor reputation and confusing controls.
Customer: Yo you got that phat new JVC head unit for my combat battle kit driftin' hyundai??
Salesmen: Yo jose this dude wants some Junk with Various Controls
Salesmen2: Yo this is not KMART mang. Start Stepping or buy an Alpine yo.
by Mr Krad December 21, 2006
pronoun; the teenage pimpstress group made up of Johanna, Vanessa, and Christina
ex. Dayum, JVC was all up on Sergio's jock.
by s_lo September 13, 2008

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