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"JTM Machine" is derived from the phrase "Josh The Man," commonly used (in Pennsylvania) to describe a person of seemingly-unattainable righteousness and valor. The "Machine" part of the phrase was developed when someone recognized that the acronym "JTM" was similar to "ATM," as in "ATM Machine." Thus, "JTM Machine" came to be recognized as a title of utmost importance. JTM Machines are known worldwide for being omniscient in all subjects and also for their senseless overindulgence in all things anime, which is nothing less than amazing to them. JTM Machines are also renowned fighters, challenging even the gods with their war cry of "ROUND TWO!"
Person 1: Hey, Josh, what's the answer to question 4?

Person 2 (Not Josh): Oh, that's easy, it's C.

Josh (Now Enraged JTM Machine): "WHAT!?!"

Person 2 (scared shitless): "Oh! JTM! SORRY! PLEASE NO!"

JTM Machine: "ROUND TWO!"

Person 1: "You've doomed us all! JTM is loose again! Save the children! The CHILDREN!"

But not even the children were spared that day.
by A. Marez January 03, 2009
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