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JFTHOI stands for Just For The Hell Of It.

Synonyms: JFTHOI (Just For The Heck Of It).

This quote was often used by a """'very well-known, intelligent'""" book character, Holden Caulfield from the book "Catcher In The Rye". Holden was a teenager who always did some retarded things JFTHOI.
Any person: 'Why did you create this article in Encyclopedia?'

Me (the author): 'JFTHOI'
by A199 April 02, 2013
Just For The Heck Of It
Aurica : We need to re-check this document.

Vinnie: But I just did that twice.

Aurica: Do it again man.

Vinnie: What is your problem? JFTHOI bitch.
by Kayaniv December 09, 2010