To Jets, as in "Joe almost won the race but then he pulled a Jets"

To lose suddenly and inexplicably

To have hope and then throw it away

The Jets are an NFL team which has gained notoriety for throwing away first round draft picks. They are capable of remarkable saves when behind at the half, but more often manage to drop the ball, literally.
Hey the Jets are up 41-7 at the two minute warning... no wait, now they're down by 6 points. I think my liver just quit on me.

Announcer: "They might GO ALL THE WAY, no wait, the Jets fumble at the 2 yard line, recovered by Dallas, Dallas touchdown, and i think the Jets just lost their third string QB to another injury. This is an ugly ugly day here at the meadowlands."

person 1: The Jets might actually make the playoffs this year
person 2: Yeah, unless they pull a Jets

Person 1: Did you hear about Dave
Person 2: Yeah, he had a heart attack last week during the Jets game
Person 1: Yeah, is it even possible to throw 3 interceptions in two plays?

Person 1: Hey, who did the Jets select with their first round draft pick?
Person 2: A one legged kicker
Person 1: Wow, way to pull a Jets
by ShJ October 24, 2006
Top Definition
Just Enjoy This Shit.

"I realized that at the end of the day, the time that we got, we’re stuck here and there is nothing you can really do unless you gonna check yourself out. Unless you gonna kill yourself, in the meantime just enjoy this shit. Nobody can really do shit to you. So through all the shit I been through, I always maintained the same attitude because I always felt I was right. " - Curren$y
"JETS nigga" - Curren$y
by JETlife July 20, 2010
To leave or vacate.
I gotta jet.
by J. Kraley December 31, 2002
Pretty much it's a substitute for "fly". It can be used in any sort of conversation, for example...
"That guys shoes are sooo jets"


"I'm sooo jets"
by Supahcreep May 05, 2009
Leaving a place quickly.
Let's jet, before we miss the train.
by CJ January 09, 2004
The former NHL hockey team which called Winnipeg its home from 1979-1996. Many famous hockey players played for the Winnipeg Jets, including: Bobby Hull, Dale Hawerchuk, Teemu Selanne, Keith Tkachuk, Randy Carlyle, and Eddie Olczyk. The Jets are now known as the Phoenix Coyotes, and are coached by The Great One, Wayne Gretsky. It is uncertain whether the Jets (or another NHL team) will return to Winnipeg, but Winnipeg Jets fans are arguably the most dedicated and determined hockey fans in the world.
Save our Jets! Save our Jets!

I can't believe the Jets lost to the Canucks, AGAIN!
by yeungblood September 21, 2006
1.) to leave quickly/ to bounce
2.) a band from Austrailia, who has good music, but just happens to use many same guitar riffs as the beatles, but not long enough to make it illegal, but is inspired by many rock icons like the rolling stones and the beatles, ect.
3.) my boyfriend
1.) Dude, we gotta jet, or we'll miss the concert.
2.) I saw JET on their tour bus, and I was like "Oh man it's JET!"
3.) I love Jet.
by Sarah!!!! December 28, 2004
A drug in Fallout 2. Sold mainly all over in New Reno.
"Hey uh got any Jet?"-Addict in New Reno or The Den.
by Eric January 22, 2005

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