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(n.)- a small she creature who have a new found interest in women(esp. their mothers) and begin pronouncing "all"'s like "OOOOLLLLL!!"
"OOO SNAP! That girl over there with her mom is a total JELL!"
"Tell that JELL to learn how to say Raleigh."
by LAQUEESH MONIQUE. February 04, 2008
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The act of being jealous of.

"Did you see his sweet new ride? I'm so jells!"



"She totally hooked up with that total hottie from that party last night. I'm jellin'!"
by MilkFlower May 25, 2007
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A man who drives you mad with lust, whether you're screwing, or just looking.
Big Bad Handsome Man.
"Oh my GOD! He is such a Jell!"

"The Jell from the pub last night is all I can think about, I HAVE to hook up with him next weekend!"
by Improprietress March 12, 2009
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1.Something possesing the quality of shiftyness, stealthyness, to be sketchy, secretive, to do something behind someone back.

"Shit man, that guy was so jell"
"He jelled me out of 10 bucks"
"Sheeeeit man, that bitch makes me so jell"
by G-mizzle November 19, 2005
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