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A mighty and extravagant party or flat-out messy mission. Often undertaken when someone's parents are away for the weekend and the house is empty. One prerequisite is that at least one bottle of Jack Daniels is drunk during the night. Although, that isn't the only thing that gets drunk. Tequila and a lot of Lager is also usually on the list.

Usually, the night ends with several people throwing their guts up all over the garden and/or getting jiggy with a random ugly chick from around town. Oh, it happens. Believe me.
-Mikey: "Hey man, my parents are out of town this weekend, I think they're going down the beach or something."
-Joe: "Er... so what does that mean?"
-Mikey: "AH!! JD Night!!"
-Joe: "Oh hell yeah."
by Aaron R Bourn March 16, 2007
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