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An older male, possibly a pedophile, that is a total jackass, and a dead-beat at life, who doesn't shower. J.R.'s are often hairy, many confuse them with bigfoot and even Chewbacca from Star Wars. They have a constant need for attention, yet they are total quitters, they will leave you and your friends saying "man what a bitch!" They claim to be "know it alls" at anything and everything, they are known to break into conversations that they aren't wanted in and "one up" your story. Never trust a J.R. they are common to be thieves and trade your shit when you let them borrow things.
Guy1: "J.R. Chauncey has a new girlfriend!"
Guy 2: "Damn did he finally take a shower?"

Guy 1: "I doubt it, her name is Dararreha!"
by JRisabitch1980 December 12, 2010