Situation when someone has his/her watch upside down.
Sir, we have a jmd here. Please call some backup.
by - December 14, 2003
Top Definition
1.a word parallel to the word owned.
Comes from a famous noob whose initials were J.M. and his many rejections from society.

2. Similarly can also be used as a threat.
1.*man walks into tree*
"haha that guy just got J.M'd! XD"

2. "Don't make me come over there and J'M you!"
by luul April 17, 2007
Jerk My Dick (JMD)
n: Dont hand me that JMD, bro!! adj: Last night my gf JMD'd me, bro!! v: I got caught in a sticky situation... how you may ask? I was obviously JMDing
by Too Cool Jack in the boxes January 24, 2012
Laird, annoyed. A word that is derived from Jacksons Mum being laird.
Jackson: I can't come out tonight, my mum is JM'd.
by alexmorris April 03, 2007
Jerseys Most Dangerous
pete:"damn, I cant believe that last game, we got toasted."
petes teammate:"yea, jmd is pretty good."
by j my d April 17, 2008
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