Short for Jeans from Hell, any jeans that cause perpetual discomfort while wearing them. Can refer to jeans which are too large, too small, or jeans that are notably out of style.
The only clean pants I had for last night were my JFHs, so you know that date went reaaally well
My JFH give me a jeanus but i've had them so long I can't bring myself to trash them.
I know Lisa thinks those are hot on her, but those are her JFHs, and give her a muffintop.
by Ldov May 29, 2007
Top Definition
Jerking from home. We all do it when "working from home."
Co-worker (who you're obviously close enough with to use this term): "Hey man, I'm out. See you tomorrow?"
You: "No can do, buddy. I'm JFH."
Co-worker: "Lucky you."
by Niki bee May 13, 2016
I was working in the front of the store when my co-worker came in and I told her it looks like your man gave you some J.F.H before work.
by T-payne24 April 24, 2010
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