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The abbreviation for the scientific term Junky-Auto-Pilot. Junkies (a.k.a. junker, junks, Team J) have the rare and unexplained ability to not only work and interact amoungst normal civilians for long periods at a time, but also carry the unique ability to reak social night life havoc for up to 72 consecutive hours at a time. It is at some point during this period that J. Pilot is activated, and it is at that point where no baby hippo is safe. Studies have shown that over 92% of baby hippo poaching is the result of Junky Auto Piloting.
Ernesto, is it weird that we woke up at Fausto's house with lettuce all over the floor? Ohh nevermind, I remember hitting the J. Pilot button last night. Damn it.
by Jungle Junky September 01, 2010
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