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A defensive driving and automotive stunt maneuver which starts by quickly driving a car backwards, then suddenly turning the car left or right. This causes the car to swing around so it is now facing and moving forward, in which case the driver can quickly shift into a forward gear and drive away.

More commonly performed as an actual defensive driving technique than the Bootleg Turn because it is relatively easier to execute and can be applied more readily.

Also called a Moonshiner's Turn, for its use by bootleggers in the Prohibition era alongside maneuvers like the Bootleg Turn, and also called a Rockford, for its frequent usage on the UK TV show, "The Rockford Files."
Any good stuntman should know how to J-turn.
by Airrider October 10, 2009
Flipping a bitch in grand theft auto or a 1993 Chrysler Le Baron. Commonly bad fucking ass.
Flip a J Turn!
by JordanALivas November 15, 2008
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